Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge - Wikipedia
This view never gets old !

The Brooklyn Bridge never gets old!! It is always a good idea to take a day to relax and take a nice walk around the park and maybe cross the bridge while you are out there.

Anyway guys, I do have a younger sister who is now 15 and since we are Latinos, we usually do celebrate this birthday like no other.

This year, if we were in normal days, with no pandemic or restrictions, my family would have thrown her a big Quinceanera which is a celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday, marking her passage from girlhood to womanhood.

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Lol they’re guys but you get the point. Just giggle a little

Due to everything that was going on my sister requested a photoshoot on the Brooklyn Bridge. I thought it was an amazing idea to be honest and i signed up to be the assistant.

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We woke up bright and early to drive there with props and outfits. We found a great parking spot, thank God! And we got to work. My friend Carlos was the photographer and I was his assistant lol. I had a great time helping and having input within each new outfit, poses, and angles.

Also, the assistant did take some fire pics on the bridge and in the studio (shh) that is why i also signed up lolll

Here is a gallery of some of the pictures we took.

Puerto Rico!

(My first blog post on my very own website!!)

Since my website is designated to portray my spontaneous trips, I will start off with sharing with you guys with my summer 2020 trip. Yes, it was during the pandemic!

I was so over staying home and quarantining, me and my friends needed an escape. So of course we run to search “Cheap flights”. Puerto Rico caught our eyes and my friends and I booked our round trip for the price of $80!!! There was no way we could have said no. I mean would you say no to that?!

We took off, of course with fear in our minds and souls but with all the necessary precautions.

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Hand sanitizer bottles? Check!

Gloves? Check!

Antibacterial wipes? Check!

Despite the fact that we traveled in the middle of a pandemic, my first time in Puerto Rico was full of new experiences, unforgettable adventures, amazing flavors and so many memories!

Here are some pictures from my trip:

How peaceful does this sound? This is El Yunque National Forest is a tropical rainforest in northeastern Puerto Rico.

Time Square

Time Square is always a good idea. It does not matter if it is cold, warm, sunny or even snowing. The view just never gets old.

On this particular day, we decided to take a break from the subways and drove there instead. I love driving and chit-chatting with my girls. We caught up on a lot of tea 😉 and we jammed to a lot of Bad Bunny!! Lol, Our fav!

But first Starbucks!

After we have made our Pink Drink stop, we proceeded on our route to the bright lights of time square.

This day was full of laughter and fun. It’s not a girl’s day if we don’t stop a take a million cute pics.

We enjoyed our day with some shopping at Forever21, H&M, and Express.

Our night ended with some Benihanas for dinner. Benihana is my absolute favorite place to go eat! So it was just the right thing to do on this nice weekend!